Baby house #1

for children with organic lesions of the central nervous system and psyche

Minsk, avenue Gazety "Pravda", 32

8 (017) 396-39-79


e-mail: 8 (017) 396-39-79 Minsk, avenue Gazety "Pravda", 32


Urban study of palliative care for children is based on the child's home by order of the health of Minsk City Executive Committee dated 30.12.2013 №781 «On improvement of palliative care for children in Minsk", and began his work with 01.01.2014 year.

office work Objectives:

  • improving the quality of life of children with severe chronic illnesses, have extremely low or no rehabilitation potential, as well as support for their families;
  • implementation and use in practice of modern standards and methods of providing palliative care for children at home.

cabinet appearance is not surprising, as helping those in need of special care and support at home is relevant for a long time in Belarus. The number of children with severe life-limiting diseases, unfortunately, not diminished. The possibility of radical treatment of these children are often exhausted, but with proper care, as well as high-quality psychological and social support, can significantly improve the quality of life and the child and his family.

Now registered in the city office of palliative care for children consists of 170 young patients.    

The team, palliative care for children at home include:

  • Pediatrician  Vasileva Larisa Vladimirovna
  • The doctor in resuscitation  Leshik Aleksei Igorevich
  • Nurse  Bileychik Oksana Vladimirovna
  • Psychologists  Ovsyannikov Oksana Petrovna and Chernyshevich Dmitry Leonidovich .

In the city office of palliative care little patients and their families can get expert medical care, nursing supervision, psychologist consultation. In addition, on the basis of cabinet functioning parent club, organized psychologist Ovsyannikova OP, to which family members of beneficiaries meetings are able to communicate in an informal setting, to participate in training, learning relaxation and stress relief technique.

doctors' offices are working closely with the lead agency for the provision of palliative care for children - Republican Clinical Center of palliative care for children with doctors of other city hospitals - health centers and hospitals, as well as with specialists from public charity organization "Belarusian Children's Hospice."

Answers to all your questions on the cabinet and the possibility of palliative care at home, please call  (017) 396-04-32 from 8.00 till 15.00.

For more advice on palliative care, please call the hotline  : +375 25 903 94 52 (from 08.00 to 15.00) .

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